Nomadk x Nalbandian: Weaving Innovation into Tradition at DDW 2023

Nomadk x Nalbandian: Weaving Innovation into Tradition at DDW 2023

At Nalbandian Carpets, the fusion of heritage and innovation has always been our guiding principle. Our commitment to the timeless art of carpet weaving remains steadfast, but we also embrace the evolution demanded by contemporary times. In an exciting venture, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Nomadk Studio, a cutting-edge architecture and design firm renowned for pushing the boundaries of creativity. Under the visionary leadership of Kevin McLachlan and his son Harley Blue Star McLachlan, this collaboration marks a journey to new heights of innovation.

Designing the Future, One Thread at a Time:

Serge Nalbandian and Nomadk Studio embark on a quest to redefine carpet design, resulting in a breathtaking fusion of graphical forms that transcend traditional boundaries. This collaboration challenges norms, exploring how technology can breathe new life into a craft steeped in tradition. Kevin McLachlan, a stalwart in the design industry for over two decades, is synonymous with innovation. His creations are not just objects or spaces; they are narratives waiting to unfold, emotions waiting to be felt, and experiences waiting to be cherished. Alongside him is the dynamic and multi-talented creative Harley Blue Star McLachlan.

The Nalbandian  x Nomadk Pavilion at Downtown Design:

Representing the fusion of tradition and innovation, the Nalbandian X Nomadk Pavilion at Downtown Design showcased the harmonious convergence of artistry and technology, where craftsmanship intertwined with data. This collaboration challenges visitors to question what is possible when the realms of data and design collide.

Unveiling Digital Footprints Through Carpets:

In a groundbreaking project in collaboration with Nomadk , our digital footprints find expression through carpets. By harnessing the data of mouse movements and clicks, Nomadk transforms these digital actions into captivating line and dot-based carpet designs. Meticulously hand-tufted, these artistic expressions, born from our digital behavior, breathe life into the virtual world, creating a tangible bridge between the digital and the tangible.

Nomadk x Nalbandian at DDW 2023 – where innovation and tradition dance together, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities when data becomes design, and the virtual converges with the tangible.