Dreamweaver Collaboration: Bridging Worlds with DDW 2022

Dreamweaver Collaboration: Bridging Worlds with DDW 2022

In a celebration of cultural heritage and a global perspective, a triumvirate of creativity converges in the Dreamweaver collaboration for Nalbandian. Architect, author, and academic Karim Nader, joins forces with Fadi Yachoui, the multifaceted mind and Serge Nalbandian, the bespoke carpet creator. Together, they craft an immersive and motion-sensitive installation that transcends the ordinary – welcome to Dreamweaver, unveiled at DDW 2022.

Dreamweaver is not just an installation; it's an invitation to dream. Karim Nader's architectural prowess breathes life into a seamless floor-to-wall carpet-tapestry, a canvas woven from textures, materials, and shades of white sourced from Serge Nalbandian's bespoke collection. This carpet becomes a dynamic projection space for showcasing Nalbandian's finest designs, a visual symphony of creativity and craftsmanship.

In this ethereal universe, Fadi Yachoui's touch is evident through his cloud-like, double-sided couches from Atelier L’inconnu. Among them is his recent creation, CACTI, unveiled at Milan Design Week 2022. These organic shapes create the illusion of an inviting lounge in the sky, a space where visitors can dream up any design, and Nalbandian will turn it into reality.

Dreamweaver is more than an installation; it's an ode to Nalbandian's legacy. Since 1792, they have been weaving dreams for the world, and this collaboration pays homage to that rich history. It's an open invitation for the world to be part of a future filled with infinite possibilities.

Let's meet the minds behind this dreamlike creation:

Karim Nader:A representative of the Lebanese architectural avant-garde, Karim Nader has been shaping the architectural landscape since 1999. His built projects,  including the acclaimed Amchit Residence and the BDL-CMA building, have garnered international recognition. Teaching for two decades at the American University of Beirut and more recently at the Politecnico di Milano, his retrospective book, "For a Novel Architecture, ciné-roman 2000-2020," received the "Le Geste d’Or" award in Paris in 2021.

Fadi Yachoui: A Lebanese architect and industrial designer based in Milan and Beirut, Fadi Yachoui established Atelier L’inconnu after gaining diverse experiences in design offices across Beirut, Paris, London, and Milan. Graduating in architecture from the Lebanese American University and Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris, Fadi further earned a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Scuola Politecnica Di Design in Milan. His brand, L’inconnu, was officially launched, unveiling the "CACTI" collection during Milan Design Week