Nalbandian Creative Design Studio has also developed a collection of hand-woven broadloom wall-to-wall carpets characterized by distinctive consideration to design and choice of textures, such as Superior Handtufted for prestigious hotel suites and Majlis. Our carpets are suitable for high traffic areas The carpets comply with the most stringent international regulatory standards which are necessary for public and residential projects.The Contract Division is the ideal partner for construction companies, interior design studios and architects in different kinds of projects related to prestigious hotels, yachts, private jets, spa and wellness centers, and fashion stores. It provides comprehensive activities and support to professionals who wish to personalize interiors with original methods as it is technologically suitable for the intended use.

we offer you a professional cleaning for your carpets, textiles and tapestries.

Carpets are first dust free and then washed by a special German dry cleaning machinery (no hand touch).

Then we proceed to an anti-moth treatment that prevent your carpets against all moth damages. (one year guarantee on all treatments). The complete process takes approximately 2 to 3 hours per rug, and varies depending on size and condition. We provide complimentary pickup and delivery throughout Lebanon.

We carry a special type of carpet under pad designed to keep your rug in place. After having tested several models we found the best type for hard and wooden surfaces. The under pad for carpeted surfaces prevents the creeping and waving of your rugs, which could damage them over time.

No more straightening and flattening out your rugs every day!

The hard-surface under pad provides cushioning for a softer feel and also allows the air to circulate through the rug.

This feature is very important in high-humidity areas.

We recommend that all rugs under pad be cut in size to within 5cm.

Let our design staff assist you with your decorating needs. We are intimately familiar with our

inventory and can direct you to rugs which fit both your style and your budget. By viewing the

setting, we can assist you during the carpet selection process. Alternatively, you can let us do the work: we consult with you on your needs and then bring a number of pieces to your home, so that you can see them in their intended setting.

We believe that you must first see a carpet in your home before you can decide to purchase it. Many factors, such as light

conditions, surrounding colors and position in the room, can modify a carpet’s appearance.

We recommend that you give yourself enough time with a carpet to view it at various times during the day, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions.

Once you have selected a few possibilities in our showroom, we would be pleased to deliver them to your home for a no-obligation trial.

We are able to offer you a complete range of repair options, from re-fringing to repairing large holes or tears in your carpets. For a repair estimate, you may bring the rug to our showroom where we will be able to assess the damage. For larger carpets, we also provide a complimentary in-home visit where we can provide a cost estimation.

Nalbandian will issue a value appraised certificate for each purchased antique carpet or art collection

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