As part of Beirut Design Week 2017, Nalbandian Custom Tailored Carpets has introduced the series I’m a Legend. Comprised of images from pop-culture legends ranging from revolutionary Ché Guevara, the immortal Mickey Mouse, and Arab world singing megastar Umm Kalsoun, I’m a Legend invites audiences to see themselves in the faces of these unique handwoven tapestries. Standing before each production, viewers don›t merely celebrate the legend before them, but are inspired to see themselves as legends in their own right.

With more than 200 years of tradition behind him, Serge Nalbandian is the fifth generation to take the reigns of the family business. Now a designer in his own right, Serge has taken his personalized craft of carpet making in an avant-garde direction. This is no better exemplified than with I’m a Legend. Each unique piece in the series of 13 is made of silk and wool by hand over a period of five to six months by artisans in Nepal, as are all of Nalbandian’s one-off creations.


Serge Nalbandian has spent much of the last decade re-conceptualizing what the classic carpet can look like and be. While developing techniques to restore centuries-old carpets, Serge reimagined the traditional style from a modern point of view, and in the process began designing brand new works with a twist on the worn and weathered look. Nalbandian’s modern creations pay homage to the past while giving any room a one-of-a-kind piece that begs the question, “Is this old, or new?” On closer inspection, the observer can see that many of Nalbandian’s carpets are intricately woven designs upon designs melded into each other. Other works call upon the viewer to do a double take to make sure their eyes and minds haven’t been tricked, as these carpets play with light and illusion. In all of Nalbandian’s custom tailored carpets, the owner has an item for the home that will draw the attention and inquiry of any guest.


For Beirut Design Week, The Nalbandian showroom is ringed by the I’m a Legend series. Visitors are greeted by a troupe of silver-skinned mannequins. The front line models have mirrors on their shoulders to introduce the theme of viewers seeing their own faces, themselves legends. Guests can also be guided through the extensive selection of original, classic, and avant-garde hand-woven carpets available.

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