The Nalbandian family has been in the business of buying and selling fine handmade antique carpets and textiles for generations in Lebanon, dating back all the way to 1792. Serge Nalbandian represents the fifth generation of this family business, perpetuating the family’s passion for carpets. He, however, is the first to have the world as his marketplace, carrying the family’s business across continents, vowing to live up to the legacy left by his predecessors. That is both a privilege and a burden, for a lot of hard work is put into distant travels to source pieces that merit the family’s name and satisfy Serge’s own discerning eye and expertise. Whether it be dowry embroideries from Uzbekistan, 19th century carpets made for palaces in Tehran, tapestries woven for stately homes in Europe or rare prayer rugs from the high Caucasus, one can rest assured that all textiles and carpets offered by the Nalbandian family live up to the tradition and legacy of connoisseurship in Lebanon that has been well-established by Serge’s esteemed predecessors.


Serge Nalbandian is pleased to announce to his esteemed clients the launching of his collection of Islamic art, available at the new Nalbandian gallery in Beirut- Lebanon. Traveling the world to source the best art and antiques for his gallery has allowed Serge to collect a great variety of Islamic cultural artifacts that prove the worth of the Nalbandian family’s instinctive eye, the renowned name of the gallery and Serge’s own intellectual inquisitiveness. The gallery hosts an array of pieces of Islamic art fit for home or museum: from an 18th century intricately carved Ottoman bibliotheque to a 13th century Seljuk tile from Persia, a 19th century Egyptian metal thread embroidered cover of the Holy Kaaba to a 12th century Fatimid carved wood panel—the pieces all echo the glory of past empires, also reflecting the adoration of religious faith and the sublime achievements of master craftsmen.


It is not without effort that the Nalbandian family has received its impressive reputation. Five generations of globetrotting in search of the best antique carpets, textiles and Islamic art has granted them their standing in regards to their prestigious clients. International collectors, interior designers and architects alike all resort to the Nalbandian family for such services.

Five generations, and still going strong: the family has newly reopened a gallery in the heart of Beirut - Lebanon , in order to reflect how they are keeping up with the times. Alongside the fine antique rug weavings that have become synonymous to the family’s name, Serge Nalbandian has now ventured into new waters: he has added a new design studio that offers rug lovers the opportunity to customize their own carpets,in the finest materials! Interior tastes have been more inclined towards contemporary styles in recent times, and this venture reflects that. The gallery is committed to make any carpet a client may want in any shape and size, and in the highest imaginable quality.


The ultimate expression of a contemporary interior comes straight from the gallery’s Himalayan workshops: carpets are woven with materials such as Tibet Highland wool, silk, hemp, bamboo silk, banana silk and nettle.

A client must only wait a month to see a trial sample of the commission, and a standard sized customized carpet can be delivered within four to five months.

The gallery located in Sofil Center, Beirut - Lebanon is well equipped to continue living up to its tradition of offering clients the best handmade carpets in the world.Be they old or new. It is the place to go if in need of a professional commission, a rug for the comfort of your own home, office or sea vessel … the Nalbandian family can help you, and quite tastefully at that!


Since 1792, the Nalbandian family has been renowned for the finest in antique carpets, tapestry, and textiles.


The Nalbandian family name is synonymous with the beautiful craftsmanship of bygone eras.

Serge is the fifth in a long line of carpet connoisseurs. With modernity taking over today's world, Serge has come up with the new concept which combines ancient craftsmanship with

21st century design.


Today, Serge Nalbandian brings innovation to the carpet industry by designing his own exclusive and various lines of contemporary carpets, which have never yet been seen anywhere else in the world.

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